Angela Toohey BAND,TRio, Duo or solo

Angela believes in the power of music to be a catalyst for change, to inspire a more compassionate and equitable world. 

Drawing on her unique life journey, she pens exquisitely emotive ballads and soaring anthems, rich with imagery and stories of love, loss, growth, and occasional howling at the moon. 

With a renowned 20+ year career in musical theatre, including starring as Liza Minnelli in the “Boy from Oz” opposite Hugh Jackman and Chrissy Amphlett in 2006, and Todd McKenney and Chrissy Amphlett in 1998-99, Angela has an intuitive ability to entertain and captivate an audience. 

She recently joined forces with folk/jazz/roots and rock guitarist and bass player Lex Weddell and earthy and dynamic drummer Danny Mclees. 

With Angela’s world class vocals and powerful rhythm guitar, this combo  delivers a lively, enthralling and mesmerising show.


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Angela Toohey

Lex Weddell,Angela Toohey, Danny McLees